I purchase books, like drinking water or whatever you drink regularly…really I have a problem! I purchased this one book a while ago titled, The Purpose Driven Life by Rick Warren, but I never read it until now! Its a 40 day read, assisting one with finding the purpose of their life! Great stuff, wonderful food for thought!

Day 2 talks about “You Are Not An Accident” and it didn’t really phase me until I got towards the end and it started to talk about the fact that long before I was conceived by my parents, I was conceived in the mind of God and how it didn’t matter whether my parents were good, bad, or indifferent, God knew that those two individuals possessed EXACTLY the right genetic makeup to create the custom “me” he had in mind. They had the DNA God wanted to make me! And after that the tears began to flow & the question why James Johnson was finally answered, finally I knew why He, God, picked him for my mom to create me with me! Finally, I knew!

I have the greatest mom of all time! She is my heart, my world, my best friend, my everything & there is nothing I wouldn’t do for her, but then there is my “dad/father” sperm donor is what I say who has never been there!

Told me that he didn’t want anything to with me because he couldn’t have my mom! Wow! It still pains when I think about that day he told me this…his only child! When I remember how much I always just wanted him there. How I would invite him to everything and he never came! Never! I moved on, took 22 years for me to do so, but I have! I am 24 now and it still hurts but I don’t hate him anymore! I use to, oh how I use to, but everything happens for a reason, I have always believed that and now I know the reason! 24 years it took, but now I know!

“Acceptance is the key to understanding” ~Nichole Smith

If you accept whatever it is, understanding will follow, can’t tell you the time, but it will come!

If your holding a grudge against a parent for lack of being there or the questions as of why/why not! Don’t! Pray for acceptance, but also talk to them! God picked your parents for you, because he knew they would make the “custom” you! He knew they genetically had what it took to produce His work of greatest, YOU! So instead of being bitter, distant, sad, or miserable, be happy & tell them thank you! Tell them thank you for being obedient to my Father and producing the custom me!

Trust I know it will hurt! It still hurts me, but face it! Holding on to that pain, not being able to talk about it, is only hurting yourself! Trust me they are living their lives, so face it, pray about it, let it go & let God. Accept it and then you will understand the divine plan that God had! You will begin to understand why the combination of their genes mattered, you will begin to realize who you are and most importantly begin a path to find you purpose in life!

It may not be what you & I would have done, but we are the imperfect ones & God is the man of perfection, so be thankful for you parents! Regardless of the situation, God wanted and thought of a way to create the custom you but through your parents you had to be brought to life! They were only the vessels used to execute God’s plan not theirs! So regardless of if you were planned or a mistake by their meanings, you were not an accident by God! He wrote the script & assigned you to them, he had a “custom” creation in mind!

Peace & love,