Hope you are well!

I have been holding off on this blog now for quite some time, since early February, to be specific! During the month of love, I came into some ‘needed’ truths about self & those that I valued. Also, learned a lot about what I needed, in comparison to what I wanted in a man, my career (still praying on this) and brightest revelation, friends: (those ride or die individuals, brothers & sisters, that you extend yourself for & vice versa, because of unconditional love ONLY!

The core of everything, but specifically those areas of relationships & friendships are: honesty, loyalty, trust, respect…people who specializes in ‘Keep’n It 1Hun’ed’.

Being single now, over a year I have had the pleasure to meet some interesting, peculiar & charismatic men. I must say, dating sucks yet it has a silver lining in the mist, it allows one to solidify what they need versus what they want, as well as the signals of what one needs/wants, deserves (key word) in Mr. Right are so distinct now, until I know quickly if duo has any potential for a successful future. Of course this required me knowing myself, flaws, critical factor, but Nichole overall! You have to be honest with self about one’s self and when done, wholeheartedly, the peace that comes is definitely beyond words & obvious, VERY!

My career, life & educational pursuits…by knowing the truths about self & what motivates me regardless has everything right on course with what God designed me for! No doubt nor need to really elaborate on that but I say this to those unsure about career endeavors: Have a real heart to heart with God, you may want one thing and he may have already paved the path for your success in another avenue! You may be driving in the wrong lane, so switch to the ‘RIGHT’ lane where your future success awaits! Talk to Him reader! He is the only one who knows you better than you know yourself, so get the blueprint to your life & watch how things begin to unfold…cause remember its His vision that matters, not ours!

Lastly, the greatest revelation: friends or those who I thought were worthy of that title in my life or those who I gave more than they deserved, wanted (my fault)or believed really gave two brown pennies about me, but its okay! My new lenses allow me to see clearly, accurately! They allow me to understand why me, how me and despite the hurt, pain, hell even tears that came along with these ‘truths’ & needed revelations I am gratefully, a completely freed, living person due to it, so #onward&upward!

I want confirm something: Being hurt isn’t a bad thing, unless you sit around and have a pity party or worst you don’t learn the lesson it was intended to teach you, now that dear reader is the bad thing! Even worst than the aforementioned points is not allowing yourself to feel the emotion that it causes, do not allow one’s pride, ego or image to make you hide your emotions of hurt! Everyone hurts, experiences pain & shed tears but how we progress after those instances is what makes the complete difference; never again hide or withhold your true emotions, express them, free yourself. Be human & feel it, sit in it for a while because you will be a better person because of it, trust me!!! You will!

Now you may ask, did I verify my feelings: the hurt, betraying, deceit, or worst the ‘using’ (deal breaker for me) to make sure that I am correct. And to answer your question YES, but not at first, as I denied the truth, ignored it, even chased after its opposite. Basically, I was holding on to what I wanted/thought could have been or in the old ram of mind that I was in, thought was and/or becoming. Now of course looking back, hindsight is 20/20, I see clearly when things changed, never were or I was used and not even left a tip. Well damn, my thoughts exactly. And keep’n it 1hun’ed, I thought about revenge because this feeling was so painful, sharp that I wanted someone to feel it times 10, but I didn’t give in to Satan, I keep a level head and watched closer to make sure I was accurate, but importantly, I sat in my hurt, I accepted the reality!

Realizing the ‘truth’ has a value of…well its priceless!

Hope this helps or makes you think about men/women, careers & ‘friendships’ deeper…but DO NOT by no means become guarded, it’ll only cause harm upon self!

Advice Reader: Don’t be phony, be truthful & honest as I promise you so many people will be the same, do the same minus any pretense of things greater!

Okay reader, I am out…and btw, my book is coming soon!